Piercing after-care

Congratulations on your new piercing!

So you got a piercing in Amsterdam, what to do next? 


How to clean your new piercing:

  • Soak the piercing every day for 5 minutes in a sea salt solution. 
  • Make the solution with clean water. Tap water needs to be boiled before. Make sure you leave boiled water to cool off. 
  • Fill a shot glass with water, and put a pinch of sea salt in. Make sure the salt dissolves in the water. OR buy a 0,5L water bottle and add half the cup of salt.
  • Take a cotton-pad or paper towel, and soak this in the solution, put it on your new piercing for 5 minutes. Afterwards dry off your piercing with a clean paper towel

During the healing process, pay attention to the following: · 

  • Touch your piercing as little as possible; 
  • Do not apply any ointment on the wound or any disinfectants such as Sterilon® or  Betadine® (unless a doctor specifies otherwise); 
  • Make sure no hair spray, gel or other hair products come near your healing ear piercing; · Do not bandage your new piercing.  
  • Don't wear tight or dirty clothing on your piercing; 
  • Avoid (bubble) baths, pools, saunas and steam rooms; 
  • Do not remove the piercing yourself.   If you'd like to change your piercing, come by and check out our jewelry in Amsterdam, at the studio.

An oral piercing needs some special care: 

  • Avoid oral contact during the healing process; 
  • Brush teeth regularly (preferably with a toothpaste based on saline), and if necessary use chlorhexidine or a saline solution-based mouthwash. 

Additional aftercare for a genital piercing: 

  • Drink a glass of water about one hour before you clean your genital piercing. This allows you to flush out remaining soap during urination. Soap in the urethra may cause an inflammation of the bladder (Only applies for male genital piercings). 
  • Always protect genital piercings during sexual contact with an extra strong condom (eg a condom for anal sex). We recommend no sexual contact during the healing process.  

Additional aftercare for a dermal anchor / micro dermal: 

  • In contrast to all the other piercings, you do not move the piercing top or implant. The implant needs to heal into the skin. Moving the implant will increase healing time. 
  • The solid growth of the implant under the skin is a slow process and may take 2 to 4 months. Check with your piercer to see when you can change the body jewelry. 

PLEASE NOTE: The skin around your piercing can be red and swollen immediately after piercing. This is normal. Contact your doctor if you're worried about healing.